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The start of term paper is always a difficult task, because you do not know how to begin and what to write. But you have to start somewhere in an interesting manner as to make your readers read the entire term paper. The introduction of a term paper is the most important section, because this is where the reader starts reading. If it is not up to the mark or interesting to read your audience will not read it further. Moreover, it sets the tone for the entire term paper and lets the reader know about the purpose of the project and why he/she should read it in the first place. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful points as to guide you about writing a term paper introduction. Below are some very useful points discussed for you.

Grab readers’ attention

You need to start very strongly to capture readers’ attention. You can ask a question related to the main topic or you can provide an interesting statistic to evoke curiosity among the readers. You need to be spot on right from the beginning so that your reader reads your term paper finding it interesting.

Be direct

Try to be as direct as you can be. Do not deviate from the main theme of the term paper as it can result in loss of interest and your readers will not read it further. Be precise and select short sentences to make reading more interesting.

Introduce key points

Introduce all the key points while writing the introduction. Do not elaborate them yet as you can do it while writing the main body. Briefly introduce what you are about to discuss in detail in the main body so that your readers can have an idea what is coming ahead.

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