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Writing essays on natural disasters can be easy, because there are so many topics that students can focus on. Many of the natural disasters have occurred in the last decade and there is so much information available on various sources that students can write anything they want regarding natural disasters. Writing on natural disasters can be quite depressing, because of their violent nature and the havoc they cause where they hit in terms of loss of human life and property. They can be devastating and if they hit poor countries than it can take several years to rebuild. But if they hit those countries that are technologically, and economically more sound than recovery is quite speedy. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful ideas as to how you can write essays on natural disasters. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider.

2004 Asian Tsunami

On December 26th, 2004 a powerful earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean new Indonesian province of Banda Ache triggering massive tsunamis in the entire region. All those countries in the region were badly affected in terms of loss of human life and damage to the property. The entire coastlines near the region were submerged in the ocean water causing great havoc. Countries as far as Somalia in African continent were affected by the tsunamis.

2011 Japanese Tsunamis

In March 2011 a massive earthquake struck near Japan triggering massive tsunamis. Thousands of people died and thousands became homeless. The tsunamis caused massive destruction to the nuclear plant in the island causing radiation in the region. Some of the nuclear waste was mixed in the ocean affecting the marine life. Places as far as California got affected by the tsunamis.

Super Storm Sandy 2012

In the recent past a massive super storm struck Eastern coast of United States of America. Thousands of people became homeless and hundreds lost their lives. The storm caused massive destruction never seen before.

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