How Can You Nail a Diagnostic Essay? Read this Article and Acknowledge!

A diagnostic essay is the most basic type of essay teachers assigns their students to learn to structure an essay properly. A diagnostic essay consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Once students become accustomed to writing these essays they move on to writing more complicated types of essays. The main purpose of these kinds of essays is to provide a basic concept of essay writing to students who are new to writing. They learn to divide an essay into three parts and provide information accordingly. A diagnostic essay can be an in-class version as well as take home depending on the teacher. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to write a diagnostic essay. Below are some useful tips for you to consider.

Selecting an Interesting Topic

The first and the most crucial step to write a diagnostic essay is to select an interesting topic. The reason a topic should be interesting is to ease the whole process of writing an essay. It should be interesting enough so that you can conduct research with more passion and with a hunger to learn about the topic. If your topic is not interesting you may not have a very good time writing the whole essay as you will just try to complete a formality. If your teacher has not provided you with a topic and you have an option to select your own topic than you can make the most of it and select something interesting.

Write a Compelling Introduction

Once you chose your topic you can begin your essay with a compelling introduction as to make it more interesting for the readers. You can start with a question or an interesting statistic. Beginning with a question is more appropriate because readers become more curious and read your essay further to discover the answer. Briefly introduce all the key points and write a thesis statement.

Body Paragraph

Once you have written the introduction write a body paragraph. It should consist of arguments backed by facts and figures as to support your stance on a particular topic. Elaborate all the key points that you briefly introduced in the introduction.


Finally, you have reached the end of an essay. A conclusion has to be spot on along with solutions and suggestions to a problem that you already discussed in the body paragraph. Summarize the key points briefly and restate the thesis statement. Remember that the conclusion should not be too long. It must be precise and direct.

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