The Americans used,   on a massive scale missiles that were launched from one thousand miles away and also totally destructive of their “targets” and surrounding human communities with their populations of children, women, and men. Each of these missiles was used against a poorly armed military and against civilians. This does not include the   500,000 already dead from lack of fresh water and medicines during a ten-year period of sanctions of the most rigorous kind. US warplanes used in Iraq (and elsewhere) can drop bombs from a height of five miles. Pilots merely have to align sights and press buttons.

They did not have to witness the death and destruction these bombs inflict on areas the size of several football fields where they detonate without sound or warning and instantly vaporize all person and other living beings and all buildings and vegetation. Cluster bombs were used with powerful bomb-lets spreading outwards and destroying or maiming all persons with whom they came in contact. Unexploded bombs were picked up by children who lost limbs and were often blinded by what appeared to be toys. Depleted uranium was used despite evidence from the 1991 Gulf War of severe health damage being inflicted on soldiers and civilians alike. When large bombs explode they wipe out everything within a 1 square mile radius.

That means it destroys all persons, animals, all living creatures, all vegetation and buildings within a radius of almost one square mile. There is no way that a bomb of this destructive capacity could be used as a precision weapon; what its toll in terms of lives lost and environmental devastation was will not be revealed that the Pentagon does not consider counting the Iraqis killed as relevant. Even today as Iraqi fighters resist the occupation of their country by foreigners we read of so-called “precision” bombing of densely populated areas, but we are never given a count of the deaths, really murders, of those targeted for destruction so that they may be “liberated.

To-date there have been thousands of US military casualties with many thousands wounded in Iraq. Many suffer from shock, disease, and sickness, some caused by coming in contact with depleted uranium. A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore found that several hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians may have died as a result of the invasion. Iraqis opposed to the occupation have slaughtered thousands of their own people to frighten those who cooperate with the foreigners.