Vogue: The International Fashion Magazine

Vogue is an American fashion and Lifestyle magazine founded by Arthur Tenure in 1892.  The “British Edition” of the magazine has been published since 1916. The Vogue magazine is recognized as the “Bible” of fashion which connects fashion with the upper levels of society or in other words “high society”. Vogue is where everyone who wants to be chic and modern and be in the known and recognized in the world of fashion wants to be. The success of British Vogue is because it generates more revenue from advertising than sales of the magazine.

The content written in Vogue is mainly for females in their late twenties and early thirties. The magazine does not target general readers but rather confines itself to the audience of females that it has selected. It has nothing for men and makes no effort to include any content which would specifically attract men. The content is based around fashion only, which is what the magazine is well-known and recognized for and the main reason that it has such appeal for its audience of young females. It is very different from other popular magazines which usually print content that appeals to many different types of audiences.

Many magazines feature global issues and events, but Vogue concentrates only on fashion for women. Many women who buy and read Vogue may not be able to afford the clothes featured in Vogue, but they still buy the magazine for hopes, desires, diversion and entertainment purposes. While reading the magazine, women fantasize that they are very rich or lives such as Kate Moss or other celebrities. To appeal to larger and diversified audiences, the magazine has produced other publications such Men’s Vogue, Teen Vogue and Vogue Living rather than making changes in its traditional Vogue publication.

The advertising is evenly distributed amongst its photographs to make the magazine more eye-catching. If the advertisements had all been printed on one page after the other, most readers would probably not even read the content. This would not appeal to the advertisers who would not place their ads in the magazine thereby causing massive financial losses to British Vogue. Vogue has many websites with different features than those of the magazine. They are usually more up to date, because of technological advantage and which enables the magazine to upload features and content to hold the attention of readers until the publication of its next issue. Vogue also uploads videos, which is something that the magazine cannot do for blogs, competitions, and links to related sites to keep readers interested.