One good example of a violation of the American Constitution is the government involving the American armed forces in unpopular wars in a different part of the world.  This can be seen as a blatant abuse of the President’s Executive Powers when he chooses to by-pass Congress because he knows that his proposals will be rejected by it. The Americans have the right to a country run in accordance with the Constitution because the greatest amount of intelligence and good judgment in the Constitution is when important issues like war and peace are not left to the prerogative of the President because this privilege has been confided in the legislature. This was the reason that the founding fathers deliberately designed the Constitution so that it could be protected against just such misuse.

There is proof that during the past 60 years most of the laws that have been approved and most actions carried out by officials have grossly violated the original Constitution because most powers that they have held or actions that they have taken are not according to anything written in the Constitution. They justify their actions by saying that whatever deals they have made with good guys, bad guys have been in the national interest. However, once assumed these extra-constitutional powers are being used to suppress common dissent to consolidate their hold on power and the government. This is not the first situation the executive has acted in total disregard of the American Constitution.

Illegal appointments to high positions are also in violation of the American Constitution. According to Article II, section 2, clause 2 of the Constitution, the President has the authority to fill any vacancy during the Senate’s break from legislative business. The reason that the President was in violation of the constitution was that a vacancy was being filled within a new agency with supreme powers to issue an uncontrolled set of laws without answering to any legislative body.  The thing is that Congress was not in recess at the “House of Representatives” had not given permission for recess under Constitutional Article 1, section 5.

This clearly means that the President does not have the authority to appoint anyone in such as important and sensitive position Before Obama, President George Bush frequently violated the American Constitution that he took an oath to uphold. The abuse of power occurred in the following manner: The power of the federal government to control political speeches, especially in the period before elections when it is the most needed by politicians.