What is the concept of Attitude?

An attitude represents both an orientation toward or away from some object, concept, or situation, and a readiness to respond in a manner to these or related objects, concepts, or situations. Both orientation and readiness to respond have emotional, motivational, and intellectual aspects. The concept of “attitude” is one which is shared by symbolic interactionist…

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Types of questionnaires

Questionnaires is a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study. Some of the types of questionnaires are questionnaire survey, group survey, individual questioning, interviewing, indirect questioning, mass survey, press questioning, post questioning, direct questioning, distributing questioning, respondent, solid questionnaire, introductory part…

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The main mistakes in writing essays

Unlike tests, essays do not imply a multiple-choice format (when you are given a choice of multiple answers). Writing is not limited in time, you can rewrite it many times, ask your friends to read it. Take advantage of all the opportunities and try to avoid common mistakes.

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Types of pay and reward system

There are various types of pay and reward systems which can be classified as rewards for the employees. Rewards are considered as an important factor in any multinational company as it serves many purposes. They are known to be served to build a better and healthy employment deal, to reduce employee turnover, and to hold…

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Type of research – Sample Study

Depending on the purpose of the study, the object of study may be a single object or an entire class of objects. For example, we write the history of the organization in which we work. This study by its nature will be purely ideographic. The peculiarities of studying the individual case will be considered later. But most often the…

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Writing the main body of an essay

Buy Essay Writing Services from Expert Writers! All types of essays have three important elements that are the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. All these elements are extremely important and without any of them an essay is incomplete. The introduction of an essay comes in the very beginning than the main body is…

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Why students avoid essay writing

Buy Essay Writing Services from Professional Writers! There are many students studying in college and high school who avoid writing essays. Essay writing is indeed not an easy task and students get low grades despite putting efforts. It is really discouraging for students when they work so hard and at the end they end up…

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Beginning an essay

Buy Essays from Professional Writers with Best Introduction and Conclusion! One of the most difficult aspects of writing as essay is to begin it. It is something that many students struggle with. They become confused as to how to begin writing an essay. Essay writing is indeed challenging and it requires analytical skills. It is…

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Avoiding procrastination when writing an essay

What is procrastination? Students often keep their writing tasks to be completed at the last moment. They think that they have ample time to complete their essay and just waste time doing other things. When the time comes near to submit the essay they get tensed, and as a result make lots of mistakes which…

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